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So what can you win when you enter THE GOLDEN GIRL BOX CUP?

Let us clearify that even if a boxer wins there own class and takes a goldmedal, you haven´t won the GOLDEN GIRL title, that is only ONE boxer who can do over the whole tournament. So far there has only been five girls in the world who has won the title, those are:

– Hannah Beharry from England 2009.
– Jemyma Betrian from Netherlands 2011.
– Marielle V Hansen from Norway 2012 and 2013
– Mira Potkonen from Finland 2014 and 2015
– Tatiana Zrachevskaya from Russia 2016 and 2017

As always a gold and silver medal is awarded to respective boxer in the final bouts of a weightclass. Apart from that the heavier prizes are as follow:

Best Diplomboxer: This is the prize one boxer will win in this class where only teqnique is judged, how you can protect your self and everything apart from hard punches are allowed.

Best junior: One prize for the best junior in the tournament.

Best youth: Best youth in the tournament gets this prize.

Best senior: As above, the best senior will win this prize.

Best Slugger/Brawler: This Award goes to the boxer who is the hardest, meanest and most lethal slugger/brawler in the tournament. Type like Mike Tyson, Joe Frazier or even a Marvin Hagler style.

Best teqniqual boxer: An Award that  the most skillfull boxer receives. Such as Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, Floyd Mayweather.

Best showmanship: This prize goes to that boxer who delivers great boxing and give the crowd that Little extra. Great showmanship. Types like Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard or Roy Jones jr

Fight of the year: The prize goes to those two boxers who was in the fight that everyone talked about.

Best Club/Team: The team or club that won most fights during the Championship

The Muhammad Ali Award: This is a price for the most  charismatic boxer.

The Peoples champ: This prize goes to the one boxer that got most votes from the audience and viewers.

THE GOLDEN GIRL: The title the whole tournament is about. It is not enough to just win your fights, you have to show greatness in all areas in the ring, both offensive and defensive boxing, you have to be a master of class and really impress the jury. You have to give the audience a little extra, you have to be the best boxer all categories in the tournament and win the fights. You have to be the best to win the title and be THE GOLDEN GIRL

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