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The strongest champion ever! Impossible to beat. A true GOLDEN GIRL!

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Mira Potkonen, two time and reigning GOLDEN GIRL has done it again. She won the nordic Championship and was also awarded best female athlete during the tournament. Since she defended her title in january she has been in a winning streak, nothing or no one can stop her. We are proud of our great champion THE GOLDEN GIRL – MIRA POTKONEN. If you wonder what her secret for success is, perhaps you should take the chance to come and train together and for her trainer in august 14-16 here in Sweden in THE GOLDEN GIRL TRAINING CAMP.


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The Golden Girl training Camp 2015 august 14-16

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It is time to enter one of this years best trainingcamps, with one of the best trainers in the world, ms Maarit teuronen and The reigning two time GOLDEN GIRL, ms MIRA POTKONEN.

Would you like to take part? well in that case you need to hurry. There is only 40 openings for this camp and 21 of them has already been taken, 19 more boxers then the camp will be full. enter yourself or your boxers now. Read more about this camp in our top bar ” training camp”


It is time for the forth ”GOLDEN GIRL TRAINING CAMP” and once again with reigning two time Champion, Mira Potkonen from Finland. Head coach for the camp is a legendary trainer in Finland ms Maarit Teuronen, we are very proud for having them here again, last years camp was very popular. The camp will be held in august 14-16 and this time we will have the camp in one gymnastic hall seated in Skene, close to Kinna. Kinna is a small town 30 km south of Borås where the championship is held every year. Kinna has hotel and hostel around 1 km from where the camp is held,  so it is good if you have a car or leader with you who can help out with transport for you.

You need to bring bring equipment for indoor and outdoor training, boxingequipment such as sparringgloves, headgear, mouthpiece( gumshield). If you plan to sleep over in the gym  (hardfloor) , please bring sleepingbag and such. It is not any cost for this, it is for free.

If you want to stay at hotel or hostel their contactinfo will follow further down.

We will also start THE GOLDEN GIRL LEAGUE during this camp and it´s first competition is held on sunday, august 16 and if you want to compete just let us know, if not, thats absolutely no problem.

Here is a schedule. Changes might occur later.


17.30: All participants meet up at the training facility in Ängshallen in Skene,  Adress: Ängshallen, Gästgivaregatan 7, Skene

18.00-19.30: first training session


08.00-09.00 Training session 1.

09.00 – 10.00 Breakfast served at the training facility

11.00 – 12.45 Training session 2.

13.00 – 14.00 Lunch, will be served at the training facility

15.00 – 16.00 Anna Laukkanen will hold a lecture. this will take place in another building, we will guide you.

16.00-16.45 The Golden Girl, Mira Potkonen, will answer all your questions

17.30 -19.30 Training session nr 3.

20.00 – 21.00 Supper will be served at the training facility.


08.00 – 09.00 Breakfast will be served at the training facility

10.00 – 11.30 Training session 1.

12.00 – 13.00 Lunch will be served at the training facility

15.00 – 17.00 THE GOLDEN GIRL LEAGUE Competition and sparring for those who wants to participate and  completion of The Golden Girl Training Camp 2015.

Some small changes can occur.



Hardfloor: In the gym is free for everyone, you have to bring your own sleepingbag and such. We just need to know if you will chose this, please contact us at:

Hostel: Is free of charge for swedish girls between 10-25 years old, since the swedish federation pay for this. All other nations has to pay this accomodation them selfes.

Hotel: Is something you have to pay for your self.

Airport: Landvetter airport 40 minutes from Kinna/Skene.  website

Breakfast and lunch: Is free and will be served at the traininggym. All other meals has to be provided by the participants.

If you need any more information, please contact us at:

Ray Husac



When: august 14-16, 2014.

Where: Ängshallen, Skene Adress: Ängshallen, Gästgivaregatan 7, Skene

Hotel: Kinna Stadshotel: Rättaregårdsgatan 2. 51154 Kinna. Phone. +46(0)320-143 00. website

Hostel: Lilla Sanden: Tallåsgatan 2. 51154 Kinna. Phone: +46- (0)320-12235. website
(If you have entered the camp and by any reasons won´t be able to attend, please let us know as soon as possible, a lot of girls want to take part and we are full as it is. If someone can´t take part we can give that opening to someone else. But we hope you really can come.)

Very welcome

Ray Husac

The Golden Girl Championship

– See more at:

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GOLDEN GIRL- Impossible to beat!

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is there anyone who can beat our great Champion? Mira Potkonen, two time champion, and reigning GOLDEN GIRL has been busy in the ring. She is devastating. We got a report from ms Anna Laukkanen telling us about latest result, it is an incredible reading:

Mira just won the international GeeBee Tournament in Helsinki today. Her results were:

13.3.2015 Mira Potkonen – Kinga Siwa POL 3-0
14.3.2015 Mira Potkonen – Ida Lundblad SWE 2-0
15.3.2015 Mira Potkonen – Junhua Yin CHN 2-0

The Chinese boxer is bronze medalist 60kg from the Wolrd Championships November 2014 and is ranked world number 2. by AIBA. Mira received the best woman boxer trophy.

A big congratulation to the reigning Champion. Soon we will be able to train with the best. The Golden Girl training Camp

More to come.


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Former two time Golden Girl – Wins national championship

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Marielle med 2 bälten







Marielle V Hansen, former two-time Golden Girl, showed up in the norweigean Championship and won, with a lot of showboating, it was incredible to see, Hansen said she was not in top condition, but it looked really good. We look forward to november, wonder what she can do in Golden Girl Championship. Going for a third and become historical?


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Updates about The One and ONLY Mira Potkonen

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Our reigning GOLDEN GIRL has been busy. It is an incredible champion we have. Since she defended her crown in january and became the second boxer ever to become two – time GOLDEN GIRL ( Marielle V Hansen, Bergen Norway was the first to become that) Mira has  won a national TUL-tournament in Turku and was awarded as the Best female boxer, after that she won her 7th National Championship title in 60kg by winning two fights. She was also there awarded as the Best female boxer.

Straight from the National Championships in Helsinki she travelled to Sofia, Bulgaria for the international Strandja Tournament. There she won 4 fights (Iuliia Tsuplakova UKR 3-0, Chantelle Cameron ENG 2-1, Estelle Mossely FRA 3-0, Svetlana Kamenova BUL TKO 1r.). Her final bout lasted only 36 seconds! So THE GOLDEN GIRL has once again showed the world that she is the one and only GOLDEN GIRL!


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The Golden Girl Training Camp 2015 will be held in august 14-16, 2015 Once again it will be 2-time Champion and reigning GOLDEN GIRL MIRA POTKONEN and her team, Maarit Teuronen and Anna Laukkanen who will be in charge. There will be ONLY 40 openings so don´t hesitate to enter your boxer now, it might be to late if you wait. As usual it is open for all girls, from diploma to elite. Everyone should be able to train and learn som tricks from the best – MIRA POTKONEN.

You can enter your boxers by e-mail: or by phone: +46 ( 0 )735-945411

Schedule will come soon.

Most welcome

Ray Husac




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We will change the dates for the next Golden Girl Championship 2016. It will be held  in 20-22nd of November 2015 already. That means that our male version of Golden Girl, THE KING OF THE RING will be held in january 8-10 2016. So the two mega tournament will change places this time due to the womens world championship. We want you to share this information with all your colleagues in the sport, boxers, and friends around you so EVERYONE knows this. Reschedule and prepare for this years mainevent. THE GOLDEN GIRL CHAMPIONSHIP 2016, already in 2015. Most welcome!



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THE GOLDEN GIRL 2015 – MIRA POTKONEN. Now two-time champion.
Jurys motivation:
In the Group of Death, the reigning Champion did what she needed in Three hard fights against great oponents. With Power and will of iron she wears down her oponents in hard fights. With lethal powershots and great accuracy Mira can´t be beaten.

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T – Minus 0 days. MOST WELCOME!

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Finally all fighters, trainers, officials, boxingfans. it is time for the biggest and most anticipated event this year. The Golden Girl Championship. I have talked with a lot of boxers and trainers today that allready has arrived to Borås. They are sending champions from every participating nation and European Champions and Worldchampions to fight for the Golden Girl belt. I can just say as chief organizer that I am very happy that you all are here and it is you all that make this tournament to what it is. We in Team Golden will try to help you all as much as possible outside the ring, inside the ring it is up to you all. Just remember all that you have to win and you have to impress the jury to be able to bring home the belt and most important you have to beat or be better than the reigning CHAMPION MIRA POTKONEN. So it is with a warm and happy heart we all welcome you to Borås and THE GOLDEN GIRL CHAMPIONSHIP 2015. Let´s make it the best ever!
Most Welcome!
Ray Husac
Chief organizer
belt 1

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T – Minus 1 day

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One day left, one day to the biggest and most anticipated event this year! Who will it be? Who will win the belt? Who will be THE GOLDEN GIRL? Will it be Mira again? Will she be the second one to become a two – time Champion? On Sunday will we know. Remember, there can only be one! Not only will there be hard fight´s and dram during The GOLDEN GIRL CHAMPIONSHIP. By request, they are back! KEVLAR DANCE STYLE! They did a smashing show during KING OF THE RING and now they will do the same at GOLDEN GIRL CHAMPIONSHIP. son´t miss them at Saturday 19.00 during the elite contest ”JUDGMENTDAY!”

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