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Make sure you get your spot at this years camp. It will be held in Skene, Sweden. During three Days we will have a lot of sparring and Tech training as well as lectures, seminars etc.
Only 50 boxers will get the chance to train and spar here.
All information about the camp will be found at:
Enter now and prepare for the best camp this year!
August 31-september 2


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It is time to plan the best female camp again. The dates are set: august 31-september 2. Be there!









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The Golden Girl Championship News!

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It is time to prepare your teams. The Golden Girl Championship 2-4 of february, 2018 will be better than ever. Together with our sponsor, ”Cuban Boxing experience” we will have the GOLDEN GIRL winner also have a prize of being able to travel to Cuba and train in Havana. That is one big prize.
So train hard and prepare and Enter all your girls in the tournament everyone talks about.THE GOLDEN GIRL CHAMPIONSHIP

english invitation 2018

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Interview with the reigning GOLDEN GIRL Tatiana Zrachevskaia

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There has been som great boxers fighting at The Golden Girl Championship during the years, when we first started in 2009 it was a pretty small tournament and the first girl who won was Hannah Beharry from Harringey in London, she was a great boxer. Seven years later Golden Girl Championship is the worlds biggest independent female tournament and it has boxers from all over the world competing to win one of the hardest titles you can win. As always there can only be one winner, one Golden Girl and today her name is Tatiana Zrachevskaia. Fighting for Russian national team in 57 kg and packing dynamite in her hands she is a very hardfought oponent and extremely difficult to beat. When you see her in the ring, with her hands down, you might think that she will get hit, but no, she is to good for that, instead she tricks you into deep water and execute her shots with extremely sharp precission. We had the possibility to have an interview with her and it was a very interesting session. So lets see what our champ has to say.

Ray: When did you start boxing?
Tatiana: I started when I was thirteen years old
Ray: Why did you start to box?
Tatiana: Some of my friends ( boys) decided to start boxing and I joined as well. After a while they stopped but I stayed.
Ray: Who was your first trainer?
Tatiana: My first coach was Igor Avakyan and he still is my coach.

igor och tataiana pads3

Golden Girl working on the pads with the Golden coach, Igor Avakyan

igor  och tatiana pads2

Hard work 2 times a day, six times a week pays off

Ray: How many fights have you had? How many wins and how many losses?
Tatiana: I have had 175 fights and I have won 161 one of these
Ray: Who has been your hardest opponent?
Tatiana: The worst and hardest oponents has been some failures who tried to convince me to stop box
Ray: You are Russian Champion, how was it the first time you won that title?
Tatiana: The first time I won the Russian championship was in 2013. It took a long time before I won it, 5 times. I always came in as a 2 or 3. But when I won the title I didn´t immediately understood what had happened. The collaboration with my coach brought results, it was only to be patient.


Another session with the champ


Not always serious, need to have fun as well

Ray: Do you feel any pressure going in defending that title?
Tatiana: Yes, every time. But I feel confident in myself and in the preparation for 100%
Ray: How much do you train each week?
Tatiana: I train 6 days a week, two training sessions a day.
Ray: How much rest time do you have over a year?
Tatiana: I don´t like to rest for a long time. Maximum rest , 3-4 days after major competitions.

tatiana situps

100% focus. Going for a second belt in february 2017


Between rounds

Ray: How many fights do you have each year?
Tatiana: In 2015 I had 27 fights.
Ray: Do you have any favourite boxers?
Tatiana: Yes. Vasyl Lomachenko.
Ray: What do you think of professional boxers in the Olympic games?
Tatiana: Professional and amateur boxing are different . It will be very interesting to see what happens .


weightlifting. A part of all boxers routine

Ray: You are the reigning Golden Girl, describe your feelings when you just received the announcement that you won the title?
Tatiana: Of course I was really happy . This is my first belt. 2 years I took part in this tournament .the third time I was able to not only win , but also to regain the jury.
Ray: When you came home with the belt, was there any reactions from friends or media?
Tatiana: – It was a lot of talk in my town , a lot of photo shoots , a lot of interviews . In Russia there is no such competition , where you can win the belt . Therefore, for many it was something supernatural
Ray: Do you feel pressure coming back in February to defend it?
Tatiana: I feel excitement , I am confident in my preparation and I rely that I will win the second belt in February!


Tatiana Zrachevskaya on her way winning The Golden Girl Championship and become the GOLDEN GIRL

tatiana och andra boxare
Ray: How do you rank The Golden Girl title?
Tatiana: This is a major achievement for me . It´s in good hands
Ray: What are your hobbies?
Tatiana: I do not have much free time , but I love fishing , football , climbing wall
Ray: Your favourite meal?
Tatiana: I love spicy food . And also a lot of meat

team russia

A great team!

Ray: Your favourite actor?
Tatiana: Cate Blanchett
Ray: Your favourite movie?
Tatiana: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Ray: Do you look forward to the Golden Girl training camp?
Tatiana: – Yes . We prepare a useful and an interesting training program for it.

dom springer

Running! So important.

dom knuffas
Ray: Do you have anything you want to say to your fans as the reigning Golden Girl.
Tatiana: I would like to say – a strong man is not the one who does not fall, but the one who fell and rises again and again …
Ray: Big thank you, Tatiana, for this interview. We look forward to meet you again in september at the Golden Girl Training Camp. It will be a pleasure.

Tatiana: You´re welcome.

igor och tataiana

Tatiana Zrachevskaya and her trainer Igor Avakyan


For those of you who would like to meet and train together with Tatiana, just enter the big supercamp held in Borås, Sweden September 16-18. Please contact for more info.
If you would like to watch Tatiana defend her belt in February 2017 or perhaps take part in the world biggest independent female tournament, please just contact us for more information at:

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R.I.P. Muhammad Ali,The Greatest of all time.

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Muhammad Ali has always been a great inspiration for us all, no one has done more for boxing than Ali. Therefor we will show our respect for a legend and introduce an award at both The Golden Girl Championship and King of the Ring, named ”in honor of Muhammad Ali”, this award will be given to the most charismatic boxer during our tournaments.

R.I.P. Champ, your legacy will live forever








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The Golden Girl Training camp – The Supercamp

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The Golden Girl Championship – The worlds largest independent female tournament, invite you to come and train with the reigning GOLDEN GIRL, and russian national team boxer Tatiana Zrachevskaya. Together with her trainer and russian national coach, Igor Avakyian. This is the fifth installment of the Golden Girl Training camp and this is really a supercamp. Trainers for the camp is a dream team: Mr Igor Avakyian, russian national team trainer. Mr Nigel Davies, former Team GB and probably one of the best trainers in the world, Mr Hjalmar Styve, trainer for two time Champion Golden Girl, Marielle V Hansen. There will also come two more trainers and we will announce who shortly. You can read more about this at our website Just click on training camp. Are you ready to train with THE GOLDEN GIRL? Enter now open for all female boxers.

Most welcome

Ray Husac

Managing Director

Teh Golden Girl Championship




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The Golden Girl victorious again!

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Our reigning GOLDEN GIRL, Tatiana Zrachevbskaia has been busy. In Bulgaria she has competed in the yearly Strandja tournament and had a busy schedule:

She fought Marien Homrani from Tunisia and won 3-0. Then she fought Mona Mesian, France also a 3-0 win.  Ready for the semifinal she had to face Moldavias Iuliya Coroli, but the result was the same 3-0 for the russian superboxer. In the final chinas Si Haijuan awaited, but yet another boxer had to face how t it is to fight against the Golden Girl, our reigning Champion  was victorious again. We are proud that our champion delivers again and again. Big congratulations Tatiana.


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News from the Golden Girl Tatiana Zrachevskaya

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Affisch tatiana








Tatiana has been a very busy champ. Apart from long and hard trainingcamps she fought in  the city of Vladimir. The city hosted the championship of the Central Federal District of Russia among women. Tatiana won the tournament! Nothing can stop the reigning queen! Now she is in bulgaria to fight in the Strandja tournament. Best of luck Champ!

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Former Two Time Champion In action tonight!

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Former two – time champion Marielle V Hansen will be back in action tonight in Oslo. She will be fighting at the same show as the reigning KING OF THE RING, Jordan Reynolds. If you want to see Marielle just go to:

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As you probably know. We have a tournament for male boxers as well in the same style as Golden Girl. Last year we had over 300 boxers attending and Claerence Goyeram was crowned as the KING OF THE RING: This time he will come back and defend his title and try to be a 2 time champion. Will your boys be there to stop him? Follow this link and enter your boxers now:

Spread the word, let as many as possible know about KING OF THE RING!

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