The Golden Girl Championship News! Best judge/ Best referee

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As always we are first with a lot of things. Last year we founded the prize for best judge and best referee. This year we are doing the same. Best judge last years Golden Girl Championship was Henrik Abrahamsson and best referee was Mats Olander. Both of them are back this time, will they be able to defend their titles? it will be interesting to see. The officials this year will beMats Olander, Per Sunnerby, Jan Eliasson, Patrik Eliasson, Christer Palmén, Bertil Bredin, Alex Da Silva, Mika Moisio, Henrik Abrahamsson, Irina Danilenko, Mårten Almås, Connie Aas, Benjamin Jagel. Head of them all is Mr Dorian Butar.

Keep it simple, keep it clean. May the best official win

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