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How to get here

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kartbildHow to get to Borås
Borås is easy to reach by air, rail and road. Gothenburg Landvetter Airport is just 40 kilometres from Borås, with flights to and from the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, France and other international destinations.

Buses and trains arrive at Borås Central Station in the city centre which is walking distance to almost everything. If you’re driving via Denmark, we recommend taking the quickest route over the Öresund Bridge and then north to Borås.

By Air

Göteborg  Landvetter Airport is West  Sweden’s  international Airport, halfway between Göteborg and Borås. It offers 75 departures daily to more then 20 destinations. With airport bus or car you will reach the airport in approximately 25 minutes.

Göteborg Landvetter Airport »
Swebus from Landvetter Airport»

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By Foot

The best mode of transport in Borås is to walk. The walk along river Viskan takes you between Borås major city areas, Borås City and Borås Event area – the home of Knalleland, Borås Arena and Borås Zoo.

Public Transport

The public transport system will take you around Borås by bus. Major hubs are Södra Torget and Resecentrum, both situated in the city centre. Information and time tables.

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City of Borås

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Borås is Sweden’s 13th biggest municipality with around 110,000 inhabitants. No less than 1.5 million people live within a 100 kilometre radius of the city, itself a centre for the 280,000 inhabitants of the Sjuhärad area. Borås combines all the wealth of choice of a big city with the convenience and closeness of a small town.



Borås; City of Textile

Borås is the Swedish centre for textile design. The Swedish School of Textiles and the Nordic School of Design are Sweden’s leading schools for the textile designers of tomorrow. Many famous textile, clothing and fashion companies originated here. Oscar Jacobson, Eton, Borås Cotton, Gina Tricot, Nelly, Svea, Hemtex, 8848 Altitude, Abecita AB and Almedahls AB are a few of the companies and brand names associated with Borås.

Borås’ position as a leading city of commerce, with its 1,500 import and export companies, has evolved from a long history of traders and textile producers.  The city has for many years been a hub for mail order and e-commerce. Companies such as Ellos Group, Cellbes AB, Halens AB and H&M Rowells are the source of millions of packages sent from Borås, making it the centre of mail order in Scandinavia. This is why Borås has a more extensive foreign trade than places like Hong Kong.

The City as a Gallery

Borås has during the recent years become one of the leading Swedish cities for public art, with many sculptures and murals by both Swedish and international artists. The most famous sculpture is the nine-meter-high Pinocchio statue, “Walking to Borås” by Jim Dine.

The city has for several years been the focus of the street art festival No Limit, an art event where international artists gather in the city to turn the public space into an outdoor exhibition. The large scale murals are dotted around the whole town, available for anyone to see and visit anytime.

Borås has an extensive and exciting cultural sphere, full of colour and life. In addition to the public art installations and murals, the city offers space for many interesting cultural happenings at the city theatre and museums. Among these are Borås Museum of Modern Art, where exhibitions interchange every other month, and the Textile Museum of Sweden which tells the story of the city’s history in textiles as well as showcases new innovations and breakout artists. There is also Abecita Museum of Modern Art situated in the heart of Knalleland, which offers a mix of history, photography and graphic art.


The city is embraced by parks and green areas, stretching into the urban areas. The beautiful countryside is always within easy reach. Rya Åsar is a nature reserve close to the city that offers 5 square kilometers of wide open nature and breath-taking views. Borås is surrounded by recreational areas that give you easy access to forests, lakes and trails. These all make for good starting points for hikes and other outdoor activities.

Borås Zoo was founded in 1962 and was the first of its kind with different species roaming free together. There are more than 600 animals of 65 species in the park. The focus is on big African mammals, but there is also a wide variety of species from Europe and Asia.

Navet Science Center offers experiences in natural science, engineering and mathematics for all the senses. A great opportunity for knowledge combined with great fun for the whole family.


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A warm welcome to Borås and The Golden Girl Championship. Here´s some proposals for suitable accommodation during your stay. Please also find more information about the City of Borås and how to get here.

If you have any questions about Borås and/or accommodation in Borås, please do not hesitate to contact Borås Touristoffice, +46 33 35 70 90 or


Lobby3JazzSpecial prize at Comfort Hotel Jazz
Breakfast included. Code: King of the Ring

Contact the hotel directly to get discount prices as follows:
Singelroom: 695 SEK
Doubleroom: 995 SEK
Tripleroom: 1195 SEK
4 bed room: 1295 SEK
Hardfloor 290 SEK

The recently refurbished Comfort Hotel Jazz is located at Allégatan 21 in central Borås. Nereby to the bus- and trainstation, shopping, Borås Zoo, Stadsparksbadet and Borås Arena., +46 33 799 45 00



There are 500 camping spaces, of which 300 have electricity, spread out in leafy greenery by the beaches of Viskan. There is also a youth hostel, around 40 cottages, a cafeteria and shop. The check-in and service buildings are modern and well equipped. At the campsite you can hire boats, canoes and pedalos, play minigolf and boule, swim and fish. Borås Camping is open all the year round., +46 33 35 32 80



Stay at one of Borås most affordable hotels located in the district Östermalm – a quiet and peaceful area at a comfortable walking distance to the town center and recreation areas., +46 33 100 110



BWesternBest Western Hotel Borås
A charming and popular hotel situated in the city of Borås. We offer competitive rates for a variety of rooms, from a 3 to a 4 star standard., +46 33 799 01 00





Lobby3JazzComfort Hotel Jazz
The recently refurbished Comfort Hotel Jazz is located at Allégatan 21 in central Borås. Nereby to the bus- and trainstation, shopping, Borås Zoo, Stadsparksbadet and Borås Arena., +46 33 799 45 00



Plaza, Boras, receptionScandic Plaza
When you pass through the entrance you come into the airy, tastefully decorated lobby. Next to the lobby is the cosy restaurant Scala, with an excellent menu, including special children’s meals. Scala is the place for good food and good times., +46 33 785 82 00


A first-class tourist and conference hotel, which is a source of pride in Borås. The Hotel is centrally located, just 200 metres from the railway station., +46 33 799 00 00





Hard Floor
For hard floor accommodation please contact for further information.

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Tatiana  GOLDEN GIRL 2016 and 2017 – Tatiana Zrachevskaya.

With an aura of strenght she rules the ring. Fast hands and with great power. She knows all distances and is very hard to hit. A worldclass boxer. In a classs of her own.
Salut the new Champ! Tatyana Zrazhevskaia!








Mira Potkonen

New Champion – New Golden Girl, Ms Mira Potkonen, Finland. With the jurys motivation: With aggressive power, with strenght and killer shots Potkonen destroys everything in her way. She deliver her punches with precission and accuracy with extreme power. Mira Potkonen is a very dangerous fighter and a powerful champion. It is not a question if you will get hit, the question is how hard you will get hit. Mira Potkonen is a lethal fighter who carries dynamite in her hands. We salute our new champion, a Great GOLDEN GIRL.



GOLDEN GIRL 2013 – Marielle V Hansen

goldengirlchampionship4 Fast moves, fast hands, stronger and even more explosive. Marielle V Hansen moved in and out faster than ever! With sharp punches, swift moves and stronger than last year she is in a class of her own. short hard punches inside, with a heart of a warrior, standing toe to toe with the best, beating them with combining speed and power. Showboating as some of the great legends when needed, giving the audience what they want. This is a female Sugar Ray Leonard. We couldn´t have a better Champion – We congratulate our two time champion The Golden Girl 2012 AND 2013.


GOLDEN GIRL 2012 – Marielle V Hansen

She is one the fastest boxers we have seen in an amateur ring. With a style that reminds us of legends like Sugar Ray Leonard and Roy Jones jr. She moves in and out in any direction, she nails every punch by tricking her oponent to open up their defense. Marielle is what we want in a Golden Girl, she knows her boxing inside and out and gives the audience an artistic style of the noble art of self defense. We would like to congratulate our Golden Girl!

A true champion




GOLDEN GIRL 2011 – Jemyma Betrian

With skills in every angle of the ring she outsmarted each oponent she fought. None of them could ever even threaten her. Her defense was outstanding as well as her offence. She did not do anything wrong. Jemyma boxed perfectly and was never in any danger.

A true champion!





beharryGOLDEN GIRL 2009 – Hannah Beharry

With combination of perfect movement, knowledge in both outside and inside fighting, blocking, slipping and sliding, speed and power and able to punch from every angle. Hannahs explosivity was to much for her oponents.

A true champion!








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So what can you win when you enter THE GOLDEN GIRL BOX CUP?

Let us clearify that even if a boxer wins there own class and takes a goldmedal, you haven´t won the GOLDEN GIRL title, that is only ONE boxer who can do over the whole tournament. So far there has only been five girls in the world who has won the title, those are:

– Hannah Beharry from England 2009.
– Jemyma Betrian from Netherlands 2011.
– Marielle V Hansen from Norway 2012 and 2013
– Mira Potkonen from Finland 2014 and 2015
– Tatiana Zrachevskaya from Russia 2016 and 2017

As always a gold and silver medal is awarded to respective boxer in the final bouts of a weightclass. Apart from that the heavier prizes are as follow:

Best Diplomboxer: This is the prize one boxer will win in this class where only teqnique is judged, how you can protect your self and everything apart from hard punches are allowed.

Best junior: One prize for the best junior in the tournament.

Best youth: Best youth in the tournament gets this prize.

Best senior: As above, the best senior will win this prize.

Best Slugger/Brawler: This Award goes to the boxer who is the hardest, meanest and most lethal slugger/brawler in the tournament. Type like Mike Tyson, Joe Frazier or even a Marvin Hagler style.

Best teqniqual boxer: An Award that  the most skillfull boxer receives. Such as Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, Floyd Mayweather.

Best showmanship: This prize goes to that boxer who delivers great boxing and give the crowd that Little extra. Great showmanship. Types like Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard or Roy Jones jr

Fight of the year: The prize goes to those two boxers who was in the fight that everyone talked about.

Best Club/Team: The team or club that won most fights during the Championship

The Muhammad Ali Award: This is a price for the most  charismatic boxer.

The Peoples champ: This prize goes to the one boxer that got most votes from the audience and viewers.

THE GOLDEN GIRL: The title the whole tournament is about. It is not enough to just win your fights, you have to show greatness in all areas in the ring, both offensive and defensive boxing, you have to be a master of class and really impress the jury. You have to give the audience a little extra, you have to be the best boxer all categories in the tournament and win the fights. You have to be the best to win the title and be THE GOLDEN GIRL

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The Venue

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Boråshallen is the biggest indoor athletic arena in Borås. It´s the main arena for indoor sports with top modern facilities.


The adress: Bockasjögatan 2, 504 30 BORÅS

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About us

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The Golden Girl Box Cup is open for all female boxers, all categories.
First time in 2009, 70 of the best female boxers in Europe came to fight for the title ”GOLDEN GIRL”. After the first day of many hard fights, three boxers were to recieve the title, Charley Davidsson, Hannah Beharry and Matilda Neren. In the end, the winner was Hannah Beharry.

In 2011 0ver 80 boxers entered and this time it was even harder for the participants. This year it was between Jemyma Betrian, Marielle V Hansen and Fadma Ali. Netherlands Jemyma Betrian won the title in the abscense of last years winner.

In 2012, again over 80 boxers entered and this time she was back for revenge nothing could stop her, she was outstanding in a rooster of boxers that where magnificent. With hard competition with Helena Falk she finally got the title that she deserved. Marielle V Hansen won the title and are the reigning Golden Girl.

In 2013 we changed the name from Box Cup to Championship and had a record with over 110 boxers entering the Championship. This time the participating Girls was even better and Marielle V Hansen came back to defend her title and she was challenged by some of the greatest female fighters that had entered a ring. Finally it was between Ms Hansen, Kelly Harrington and Lynne O´shea. After Harrington loosing her last fight and O´Shea and Hansen continuing winning it was so Close that the jury was devided in two and with the votes 3-2 Hansen kept her title.

In 2017 we broke the record and 250 boxers came to fight for one of the finest titles to win. GOLDENGIRL!

We want this tournament to be something that the athletes want to come back to.

The Golden Girl Championship will last for 3 days.
Date: 2-4 of february 2018.

The Golden Girl box cup was founded by Ray Husac and Lina Erlandsson, 2009.

In 2013 Name was changed to The Golden Girl Championship, copyrighted by Ray Husac.

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Questions about The Golden Girl Championship

Our office, at Fredsgatan 4, Svaneholm. Sweden, is open. Monday – Friday 09.00 – 17.00

You can always reach us by phone at any time Monday – Sunday: Ray Husac mobile: +46735-945411


Questions about the City of Borås and accommodation

Borås Touristoffice, Sven Eriksonsplatsen 3, +4633-35 70 90 is open Monday – Friday 09.00-18.00

e-mail: – more information about Borås on

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