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The Golden Girl Box Cup is open for all female boxers, all categories.
First time in 2009, 70 of the best female boxers in Europe came to fight for the title ”GOLDEN GIRL”. After the first day of many hard fights, three boxers were to recieve the title, Charley Davidsson, Hannah Beharry and Matilda Neren. In the end, the winner was Hannah Beharry.

In 2011 0ver 80 boxers entered and this time it was even harder for the participants. This year it was between Jemyma Betrian, Marielle V Hansen and Fadma Ali. Netherlands Jemyma Betrian won the title in the abscense of last years winner.

In 2012, again over 80 boxers entered and this time she was back for revenge nothing could stop her, she was outstanding in a rooster of boxers that where magnificent. With hard competition with Helena Falk she finally got the title that she deserved. Marielle V Hansen won the title and are the reigning Golden Girl.

In 2013 we changed the name from Box Cup to Championship and had a record with over 110 boxers entering the Championship. This time the participating Girls was even better and Marielle V Hansen came back to defend her title and she was challenged by some of the greatest female fighters that had entered a ring. Finally it was between Ms Hansen, Kelly Harrington and Lynne O´shea. After Harrington loosing her last fight and O´Shea and Hansen continuing winning it was so Close that the jury was devided in two and with the votes 3-2 Hansen kept her title.

In 2017 we broke the record and 250 boxers came to fight for one of the finest titles to win. GOLDENGIRL!

We want this tournament to be something that the athletes want to come back to.

The Golden Girl Championship will last for 3 days.
Date: 2-4 of february 2018.

The Golden Girl box cup was founded by Ray Husac and Lina Erlandsson, 2009.

In 2013 Name was changed to The Golden Girl Championship, copyrighted by Ray Husac.

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