The Golden Girl Championship – How to become THE GOLDEN GIRL!

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T-5 days. The Champion. THE GOLDEN GIRL

How to win the Golden Girl Championship.

The Golden Girl Championship is a tournament where we search for the best pound for pound , boxer in the roster of boxers who enters the tournament. Boxers from all around the world in any level can take part.
Every boxer who attends has the same chance to win the title, from diploma to senior.
It is not easy to win, it is VERY hard.
The Golden Girl is the boxer who has the best knowledge in defense and offensive boxing, who knows her defensive qualities including blocking and dodging, bobing and weaving, slipping and sliding. Tricks and outsmart her opponent in any way there is. She also has to show ring smartness and give the audience that little extra, some showmanship. (Remember Ali´s shuffle? Sugar Rays bolo punch, Tysons appearances and Roy jones jrs attitude) You won’t win the title by walking forward taking shots to the head all the time or just hiding behind double guard.
The ultimate Golden Girl could be a female version of Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, Roy jones Jr, Mike Tyson, Joe Frazier, Floyd Mayweather jr etc.
The jury is a group of 7 people from both genders and is spread around the ring watching all the fights. They choose three candidates before the finals on Sunday. To win the title from a defending champion is not easy. If she wins all her fights she is automatically one of the three, so that just leave two spots open for all the others to fight for. Also it is not enough to be as good as the reigning Golden Girl, you must be better than her, you have to impress more, and you have to take the title from the champ. It is pound for pound, so if you fight The Golden Girl and win it doesn´t make you The Golden Girl automatically. All boxers must be seen and not before Sunday afternoon we know who the Golden Girl really is.
There has only been four girls who has won the title and they are:
2009: Hannah Beharry, England
2011: Jemyma Betrian, Netherlands
2012: Marielle V Hansen, Norway
2013: Marielle V Hansen, Norway

2014: Mira Potkonen, Finland

2015: Mira Potkonen, Finland


Apart from The Golden Girl title you can win other prizes as well.
You win gold and silver in each class as well as a prize for best senior, best youth, best junior, best diploma and best club/team. You can also win prize for being the best teqniqual boxer, best slugger, best showmanship, and a prize for fight of the year, that goes two those two boxers who was involved in it. even the judges and referees win prize for best in their category.
But in the end it is the title “The Golden Girl” it´s all about.
The Golden Girl is the boxer who is the best pound for pound. One champion, one Golden Girl.

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