Welcome to the official site for The Golden Girl Championship

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The dates have been set to 2-4 of february 2018. A warm welcome to Borås, Sweden and the biggest female boxing tournament in the world.


Get ready for The Golden Girl Championship 2018

Here´s the official trailer.


– Her name is Tatyana Zrachevskaia!

The jurys motivation: With an aura of strenght she rules the ring. Fast hands and with great power. She knows all distances and is very hard to hit. A worldclass boxer. Salut the new Champ! Tatyana Zrazhevskaia!


Invitation for GOLDEN GIRL 2018 is now official and you will find it below and under ” invitation” in the menu. Entry is made directly with boxingeventservice.

Questions? This is the site to visit and if that isn’t enough please send us an e-mail and we’ll give you the information you need.

Swedish Invitation:

INVITATION page 1 jpeg












English Invitation:

INVITATION page 1 jpeg












2 comments to Welcome to the official site for The Golden Girl Championship

  • lubega james  says:

    nice work

  • Michael O'Neill  says:

    A great opportunity for all to enter this year’s GOLDEN GIRL championships in Boras. One of the best in Europe
    and a chance to become the GOLDEN GIRL of 2015 following in footsteps of previous champions inc Mira Potkonen…..I am expecting to see a big Irish and British contingent this year…..who knows perhaps a 2020 Olympic champion amongst them……..

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