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It is time for THE GOLDEN GIRL CHAMPIONSHIP in november 2015

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It is time to start to prepare your boxers for the main event of the year. THE GOLDEN GIRL CHAMPIONSHIP in november 20-22. 2015 The two time Champion and reigning GOLDEN GIRL, Mira Potkonen from Finland is aiming for her third belt or can someone stop her? That is one of the things we will know in november.
Don´t hesitate, prepare yourself or your boxers to come and fight for one of the hardest titles there is to win, THE GOLDEN GIRL.
only 4 girl has so far been able to win it and those are.

Hannah Beharry from Harringey, London. GB

Jemima Betrian from Netherlands

Marielle V Hansen, Bergen AK, Norway

Mira Potkonen, Team Finland

You can enter your boxers at: HERE

Most Welcome

Ray Husac

Managing Director/ Chief Organizer

phone:+46 (0) 735 945411


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The Golden Girl training Camp 2015

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This years The Golden Girl Training Camp is over and over 50 girls from 6 different nations attended. Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Scottland, Belgium had boxers here. Over 60 rounds of sparring and techniqual sparring was done together with some lectures from Swedens headcoach, Klas Sandberg. The camp was masterly done by Chief trainer Maarit Teuronen and I believe that all boxers and coaches where satiesfied with the camp and training. We also made the movie for The Golden Girl Championship now in november 20 -22 and a big thank you to all of you who helped us making this short movie.
I would also like to thank all participants who made this camp so great. You are all Golden Girls and you survived the camp.
Welcome back
Ray Husac
Managing Director
The Golden Girl Championship


Agnes vs Mira 2 Agnes vs Mira toppmöte Delar av alla deltagare Former Golden Girl Marielle V Hansen vs någon Headcoach Maarit Teuronen Mona husac i röd hjälm och machinegun Sophie i bakgrunden i blå hjälm Mona Husac mot finskt motstånd Mona Husac vs Sophia Smith båda team Golden Girl Norah Guzlander vs britt janne Mardal. det går inte sluta boxas oavsett tillstånd nästan alla deltagare Golden Girl Camp 2015

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The Golden Girl Trainer Education 2015

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The Golden Girl trainer Education

This year we had yet another education with one of the best trainers in the World, Mr Nigel Davies, former Team GB and with olympic medals under his belt. It was a magnificent education and 20 coaches from Sweden, Norway, Denmark attended. It was great techniques he demonstrated and after three days of education there was 20 satiesfied coaches that received a diploma and shaked mr Davies hand.
It was a pleasure and a big thank you to Mr Nigel Davies

Nigel davies kurs

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The Golden Girl Trainer Education 2015. Another big part of our program under The Golden Girl flag. Educations with the best trainers in the world. Last year we had Professor Alexander Zimin here and this year we have Mr Nigel Davies.

It will be something special to meet and listen to such an experienced trainer. Tomorrow at 19.00 is the first session and it will be boxing for the whole weekend.

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The Golden Girl Training Camp 2015 – She is on her way!

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The reigning, two time,  GOLDEN GIRL, MIRA POTKONEN is on her way and willsoon be with us in this years best and most anticipated training camp. almost 60 female boxers from all over europe will come and train with Mira and her great trainer, as some say ” The coolest trainer” Maarit Teuronen.
There will be a lot of training, lectures by Swedens national coach for female national team Mr Klas Sandberg, there will be a possibility to ask the reigning champion some questions and with some luck? you will be able to mix punches with the strongest and most hardhitting Golden Girl ever – MIRA POTKONEN!
Are you ready? We are!


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