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Borås is Sweden’s 13th biggest city with over 100 000 inhabitants. No less than 1.5 million people live within a 100-kilometre radius of the city, itself a centre for the 220 000 inhabitants of the Sjuhärad area. 100 000 of them live in the municipality. Borås combines all the wealth of choice of a big city with the convenience of a small town.


Borås; City of Textile
Borås is the Swedish centre for textile design. The Swedish School of Textiles and the Nordic School of Design are Sweden’s leading schools for the textile designers of tomorrow. Many of the famous textile, clothing and fashion companies originate from here. Oscar Jacobson, Eton, Borås Cotton, Gina Tricot, SVEA, Hemtex,  8848Altitude, Bergman Sweden AB, Abecita and Almedahls are a few of the famous companies and brand names associated with Borås.

Borås position as a leading city of commerce with its 1 500 import and export companies, has evolved from the combination of traders and textile producers. A lot of well-known mail order and e-commerce companies are located in Borås. Companies like Red Cats-Ellos, Cellbes, Halléns and H&M Rowells are responsible for the millions of packages sent from Borås, making it the centre of mail order in Scandinavia. This is why Borås has a more extensive foreign trade then Hongkong.

The city is embraced by parks and green areas, stretching into the built-up areas. The beautiful countryside is always within easy reach, for pleasure and for exercise. Rya åsar is a nature reserve close to the city that offers 5 square kilometers of wide open nature and breathtaking views. Borås is surrounded with recreational areas which makes good starting points and easy access to forests, lakes and outdoor activities.

Borås Zoo was founded in 1962 and was the first of its kind with free roaming animals. There are more than 500 animals of 80 species today. The Zoo is focusing on big African mammals but there are also Asian and European animals.

Navet Science Center offers experiences in nature science, technique and mathematics for all senses. A great opportunity for knowledge combined with great fun for the whole family.

Borås Arena first opened in 2005. It is a modern arena for football, concerts and other big events. It is the home pitch for one of Sweden’s best teams; IF Elfsborg.

Exiting Cultural life
Borås have an extensive and exiting cultural life. A city theater, a symphonic orchestra and a number of museums offers space for many interesting cultural happenings.
The city’s public space has developed during the last few years with many sculptures by both Swedish and international artists. This is outstanding with no comparison with any other city in Sweden. The most famous is the nine meter high Pinocchio statue-“Walking to Borås” by Jim Dine.

Borås Arts Museum reopened in March 2009. Visitors are welcome to a newly refurbished, fresh museum full of surprises. What about a videobox, an arts workshop for all visitors, new galleries and a room for contemplation?

Borås Textile Museum is a cultural historic museum that tells the story about the textile history in Borås and Sjuhärad. There is a unique collection of textile machines and an exhibition about fashion through the last century. Visiting exhibitions varies from art and design to textile science and technical development.

Abecita Corsettfabrik Arts Museum is situated in the heart of Knalleland. A new modern arts museum that offers a cavalcade of modern art, inspiration and experiences. Graphic and photographic art from both Swedish and foreign artists are represented in the museums industrial environment.

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